Will you ‘Stomp for RMCC’ in July?

We are putting our hamstrings on the line to empower refugee, migrant
and asylum seeker children and youth who now call Australia home.
Stadium Stomp at Melbourne’s iconic MCG is happening on Sunday July 22nd and
we’d love you to be part of it with us on team ‘Stomp for RMCC 2018’.


Our new Fundraising & Partnerships Manager Astrid will be stomping with her 10-year-old son Jonty (pictured) who can’t wait to do a lap of the MCG! We’re also rounding up the wider team here at RMCC but we need many more of you to join in to magnify our impact!

Our fundraising efforts will go towards opening the door to our much-needed mentoring programs that empower refugee, migrant and asylum seeker children and youth who now call Australia home.

The MCG has 100,024 seats which means a lot of steps. There are three course options available, choose from - 1,900 steps, 7,300 steps or Stomp Unlimited, for the super fit.

Stadium Stomp’s kid-friendly option is a Junior Stomp of 1,900 steps for 5 to 11-year-olds. Juniors must be accompanied by a stomping adult and each adult can have up to 4 children under their supervision.

Whichever course you choose, it’s a lot of steps but there is always the option to take a break, sit down on one of those 100, 024 seats and take in the views. There will be drink stations and music pumping. And when the course is done, everyone gets to finish with that lap of the ‘G! That’s if your legs haven’t turned to J’ (that’s jelly).

You can choose your own start time – the first wave is 7:45am and then they’re every 15 minutes until 1pm when the Junior Stomp takes place. Early sessions are filling fast.

Stadium Stomp registration fees range from $24.94 for children to $39.95 and $69.95 for adults, depending on course length, up to $129.95 for the Unlimited Steps course, full pricing information is on the Stadium Stomp website, note that early bird pricing lasts until May 27th before prices increase by $5 to $10 per person.


Will you join us and ‘Stomp for RMCC 2018’?

How to register for Stadium Stomp and join team ‘Stomp for RMCC 2018’:

  • Go to
  • Click on Register Now
  • Choose your start time and course length and complete the registration process and payment – on the second screen you will be asked for Team Info, select that you are Joining a Team, then search for and select Stomp for RMCC (Adamson)
  • Select ‘Fundraising for another charity’ when prompted
  • When you join the RMCC team, Stadium Stomp organisers send RMCC a notification that you are on board, including your email address so we can keep in touch with you and the team.
  • To set up your RMCC fundraising page for Stomp for RMCC 2018 please go to click on Join Team and follow the prompts
  • Any questions just email us at


To donate to ‘Stomp for RMCC 2018’ or any of our team members*, click visit

Now we’d better get out and start practicing our stair climbs!


Back to school with the tools to succeed!

Our annual back to school drive has ensured over 120 kids started 2018 with the right tools they need succeed at school.

With many individuals, businesses, schools and community groups banding together over the last few months we've been able to help more kids then ever at this time of year. Unfortunately, demand has been higher than expected, meaning that there are still kids going to school without the basics.

Back to school costs can be a stressful time for most families, but for some it isn't even possible to send their child to school with the basics. One of the kids that received a school pack this year is a bright young man who has been working hard at learning the English language and catching up at school. His teachers say he's extremely bright and want to help him realise his dream of finishing his VCE in the next few years. But this kid didn't even have a pen he could bring to school.

That's why this annual RMCC initiative is pivotal in the success of kids realising their potential, because if you don't even a pen or exercise book to do your work within then how are you going to keep up with your peers at school or achieve your dreams?

To everyone that has supported this initiative, we thank you for making an important difference to the lives of these kids. It has been so exciting to watch these come together and overwhelming recognising the amount of support we have received.

Shout out to the following legends!

  • Green Collect
  • Visy Carer's Hub of Brimbank
  • Altona KMART
  • Officeworks Footscray
  • Officeworks Yarraville
  • Officeworks Richmond
  • Officeworks Altona North
  • Officeworks Maribyrnong
  • Brenbeal Children's Centre
  • Footscray City Primary School
  • Derrimut Coles
  • Surf Dive 'n' Ski Emporium
  • RMCC office staff and volunteers
  • All individual or anonymous donors!

Thanks for the support and for changing these kid's lives. We can't wait to make next year even bigger and better!!

Crime in Victoria



In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about migrant communities and their over representation in crimes being committed in Victoria.

This has created a backlash against some of our communities from diverse backgrounds living in Victoria, such as the Sudanese and Somalian communities. Sources such as the media have been shaping people's opinion on crimes, often driven by emotion rather than facts, and pointing to certain communities rather than addressing the larger issue as a whole.

As a result, the general Australian public are forming bias involuntarily, with it almost becoming automatic to our senses that the moment we hear the word crime, we correlate that to a whole community based on ethnicity rather than to those individuals guilty of committing these unwanted offences.

So, what do the statistics say? 

  • The overall crime rate in Victoria fell to 6.2% in the last year, the biggest drop in 12 years
  • Among the crimes committed in 2017, people born in Sudan only make up 6% of recorded offences, compared with 71.5% born in Australia and 5.2% born in New Zealand
  • For some offences, proportionally numbers for these groups do indicate a higher offending rate
  • Statistics show a Victorian is 25 times more likely to be seriously assaulted by someone born in Australia or New Zealand than someone of African descent
  • 2015 report on racial bias by Victoria Police found young people born outside Australia are routinely stopped by police due to racial profiling

Why do these stats matter?

These statistics (taken from Victoria's Crims Statistic Agency) illustrate that migrant community over-representation in media is exaggerated and misleading. However, calls for harsher punishments and even deportation have materialised a negative narrative that seeks to blame and neglect youth from diverse backgrounds within our community based on their ethnicity, rather than support and guide those committing crimes toward positive pathways to adulthood. Rather than turning to these reactive “solutions” post-offence, it is far more sustainable for the wellbeing of everyone in our Victorian community to highlight preventative solutions that will facilitate meaningful change.

Moving forward

The situation occurring in Victoria today is as an opportunity to recognise the disadvantage and hardship of certain groups within our community, and acknowledge that we need a long-term solution of understanding, acceptance and support.

As Ahmed Hassan, Director of Youth Activating Youth perfectly sums up "We seemingly don’t have an African gang problem – what we do have is young people who are disadvantaged, who are disengaged, a young cohort who are coming together that are causing this mischievous activity”.

Therefore, for young groups, community or educational engagement is vital. Conversely, for the wider community, education and awareness are crucial to combat misunderstanding and unfair bias against certain groups within our community. Discussions about any group should always include an open dialogue about the countries and circumstances that many of our migrant groups have faced and the hardships that exist post-settlement, such as PTSD and isolation.

Your role?

Let’s change the conversation. No cultural background condones crime and it is misleading tying a whole demographic with the words crime or gang.

Such efforts toward engagement and awareness will assist us in identifying circumstances that may affect certain youth in Victoria. As a community, let’s move past the emotive reactions of frustration, misunderstanding and resentment and start to dig deeper together to create proactive and sustainable change.

For more info:

We’re hiring a Fundraising Manager!


RMCC is hiring a Fundraising Manager! We need someone who is passionate about RMCC’s mission and can drive sustainable income growth to support RMCC’s objectives. Most of all, we need someone who is up for the challenge of working in a small organisation with BIG aspirations!

The Fundraising Manager will drive the growth of our fundraising initiatives across a range of income streams and enhance RMCC’s overall sustainability and growth. This will include creating engagement and partnerships with internal and external stakeholders.

This role is an excellent opportunity for someone that is a storyteller, full of ideas and can think outside of the box, as well as being passionate about social issues, especially refugee and migrant settlement and empowerment within Australia.

You will be part of a young, dynamic team that prides itself on its culture, and you will have the ability to engage with the real-time impact and change being created by RMCC.

If you or someone you know sounds perfect for this role, click here for a detailed position description & information on how to apply. If you have any queries about the role, email and we will get back to you asap!