Alice Wojcik - Refugee Migrant Children Centre RMCC
Alice Wojcik
CEO & Founder

"My parents came to Australia as refugees with next to nothing and as a result I faced the unique challenges and difficulties many resettled children encounter, along with the usual curve balls life throws at you growing up. That is why I believe no child's background, socio-economic standing or barriers faced should dictate their future. The opportunities we are presented with as children define us as adults, and that is what RMCC is here to make happen."

Bobby Allen Refugee Migrant Children Centre RMCC
Bobby Allen
Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Siran Uhrig
Executive Assistant

Rohit Srinivasan
IT Support

Kailun Deng
Graphic Designer

RMCC Refugee Migrant Children
Rose Doole
Programs Intern

RMCC Refugee Migrant Children Centre Volunteer
Ramesh Bhalla
Finance Manager

Refugee Children Charity Melbourne
Wynn Dan
Operations Coordinator

Refugee Migrant Children Centre RMCC Programs and Research Ann
Ann Mungai
Programs Officer

Maddy RMCC Refugee Migrant Children Centre Material Aid Officer
Maddy Hyland
Material Aid Officer

RMCC Refugee Migrant Children
Amanda Chong
Programs Intern

Serap Ozdemir
Fundraising Manager

Jenny Isa

Angelo Ilagan
Graphic Designer

Amelia Cotsanis
Programs Intern

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